What are the companies that you admire most depending on the work that they are doing? Like people here kind of hate Facebook.

Burger King because they fight for the good cause :…

on a more serious note, Muji, because of their focus on product. They dont care much about the rest. They don't do big marketing, branding, PR and stuff. And they don't even brag about not doing it.

Now I want to be the Muji of the interwebs.

I like Netlify ( but you might already know that.

Not your traditional "company" but I would choose Arsenal Fan TV
Started off as just fan interviews after football matches posted to YouTube.

5 years later and they have moved into merch, post-game phone in show, massive sponsorship deals.

The three main guys, have all managed to ditch their day job and focus on AFTV full time.
I love the company because its "power to the real people" and power taken away from the suits.

No Meetings ✅
Hard Work ✅
Passion ✅
Lots of Money ✅
No Bullshit Company Politics ✅

5 years ago Robbie the main guy gets out a microphone and starts interviewing fans.
The first video was shit. You can barely hear Robbie's voice. The camera quality was poor.
People were laughing at him.

5 years later he is a millionaire. Fuck the Haters.

For me it's Buffer, it's not so much what they do but how they do it. They are transparent and open about metrics like revenue and salaries, they are fully remote, they encourage travel and work as well as side-projects among their employees. Also great cultural values, you can read Buffer's cultural values. :)

I'm a big fan of "companies" that's wholly owned, built and run by a single person.