What are reading at the moment?

The title says it all. 
I am just curious, feel free to share especially non tech/business related books.

Steve Jobs by Isaacson Walter is an intriguing and informative read with valuable insights.

Same with his newest work - Elon Musk.

I'm currently reading the 14th volume of the "Berserk" manga. This marks the end of the Golden Age Arc and the beginning of the Conviction Arc, content that wasn't covered in the anime.

nice, this youtube channel I follow often uses scenes from berserk anime…
I mainly read modern manga like jujutsu kaisen or blue lock

I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller, thinking about writing scripts for serious history-themed games. It was good! Also have been reading Kingsolver (mostly rereading Poisonwood) & Neal Stephenson's Fall or Dodge in Hell.

I don't know if it counts but was playing through narratives of every game by that game company and feel like it's in the same register

nice, thanks for sharing

mostly tech or startup stuff

Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

Animal Farm by George Orwell

The One Thing

One of the few productivity/business books that had a lasting effect on my habits. 🙏

This is my favorite book of all time in terms of impact. Read it 3 times.

The Coming Wave, but I'm not sure yet whether I would recommend it.

Really enjoying this.
"The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness"…

I am also reading it, well, more like listening to the audiobook during my commutes.

I'm listening to a book from one russian indie game developer with background in psychology wrote a book about making games as a solo and how to not burnout

Dale Carnegie - Stop Worrying and Start Living. Currently am in the middle, but already found some great ideas in the first chapters to be less stressed.

This must be a sign. This is the second time I hear about this book this month.

I read (and edit) Wikipedia all the time. It's a habit of mine to spend ~12 hours/week (acording to my phone usage stats) reading Wikipedia articles from the Wikipedia mobile app. I do it specially from bed and after lunch. It's inexhaustible carbon for the fire of my curiosity. I know this is not comparable to reading a book, but I love it. Acording to the app's history, I have been reading these days about psychology, North Korea, Ernest Hemingway, the Israel-Palestine conflict background, the Islamic revolution in Iran, bullet journaling, Anders Breivik, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Foundry Company (TSMC), vintage operating systems, the history of Philips, Bill Cosby, lifelogging, the history and meaning of cleavage (breasts), Wonderbra, the Benetton family, time capsules, the FIRE movement, ISO 2145… Oh I'm realizing I may have become addicted to Wikipedia 😅

Reading $100M OFFERS. In the middle, I was curious about how grand slam offers of SaaS look like and only found out Alex Hormozi doesn't recommend software business😅…

Currently reading through this too! I highly recommend checking out Neil Patel's YouTube channel if you want to learn how to create a banger SaaS offer and scale it. (One video in particular -- I'll try to find it -- talks about how to leverage free, simple SaaS products to get high-ticket paid clients (done-for-you offer, like an agency model) and/or customers (expanding the SaaS product's features), and he walks you through the process.) From a strategist's POV, it's definitely solid if your audience is super dialed in and you create something they really need.

Make Something Wonderful
Steve Jobs in his own words

Interesting book, you get to see a collection of steve jobs private emails/interviews. A lot of it from 30+ years ago that aligns with the same problems that companies have today.

I wonder how much of the curation has left out the "bad" predictions though.

Just started The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stoll, 150 pages in and I love it! Can't believe I hadn't read it until now!