What are good alternatives for micro SaaS projects?

I want to see if I can find a faithful someone that takes over that can spend more time on growth than I can but rejected me because of being too small. What are some good alternatives for small projects?

Following this as well - got rejected even with MRR on a recent project

If you have a working product with negligible MRR, you’ve basically proven that the idea doesn’t work or is hard to find customers for.

That’s how potential buyers will look at it anyway.

So I think it’s very hard to find a buyer for these types of products. Buyers are better off investing their time and money into a different idea that isn’t disproven yet.

Also consider the time required to do an acquisition and the legal risks on both sides. That means there’s a starting price of a few thousands dollars just in time alone.

I hope you prove me wrong, but this is kinda my experience and makes sense I think.

Thank you for the input, I appreciate that. I took a moment to reflect on that, and it makes sense. In my case however, I think it's really just the time I don't have on growth. There are several competitors/copy cats out there like that make money. That makes me believe that it's just not getting the love it deserves and would need someone that has more experience with that phase of the business.

I think my biggest problem is converting people. I don't want to leave any details, but I don't have a terrible lot of users who use it and pay for it, but almost a thousand registered. For a micro SaaS API business I think that's fine. I think they just don't know what to build with it.

mind sharing some stats about the product?

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