Websites for Musicians? Is this a good idea?

I build several well designed, premium website templates for musicians. 

Each template is designed differently. 
Maybe one has a shop where an artist can sell merchandise, 
Another is minimal design etc …

Then I set up an online store where musicians can purchase these websites.
 Crucially they have no control over the template. I have to input all their artwork, mp3 files, sound cloud embeds into the template. (I’m not good enough at code to actually make a drag and drop builder where they can upload stuff themselves)

Any honest feedback / advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve outlined some PROS and CONS below:


No costs. (Other than Domains for Musicians & my own hosting) So a £50 sale is £40 profit.

Lots of You tube channels / Blogs for aspiring musicians who I could try to partner with. 
I Could give some sort of 25% coupon to anyone who has been referred.

Affordable Solution for a Musician. Requiring No Effort on their part.


Musicians may not like the fact that other musicians have a very similar website to them.

Unfortunately the artist wouldn’t be able to customise their website as you can do on a WIX or a Wordpress. 

Another downside to consider: musicians are notorious for being short on cash. Most musicians, sadly, are struggling musicians.

The tiny percentage of musicians who are successful enough to have plenty of cash are also successful enough to desire a very unique design, and they’d be more likely to hire a designer than use a cookie cutter templated solution.

That leaves these questions:

1/ how many musicians are in between those two extremes?

2/ Are there enough musicians in that unicorn-like middle ground (of having enough money to readily pay for this but not so successful as to be too overly-discerning in their web design tastes) to make this a good business?

3/ Do you have a good, reliable, inexpensive way to market to musicians that fit this persona? If not, factor the costs to buy traffic into your financial models as you’re trying to determine an ideal price.

All good questions. Thanks Ken

Certainly food for thought. I think no3. is most pressing big question.

Can I really expect to reach musicians with sub £200 marketing budget.