URL shortener and link management platform

I created btfy to be a cheaper alternative to bitly, rebrandly and other link shorteners out there. My target market are content creators that are just starting out and also seasoned ones that are in need of this tool. 

I launched it yesterday with the core features and planning to release more features in the coming months like:
  1. API for creating links & viewing stats
  2. A public profile like
  3. Link rotation
  4. Pixel tracking
Let me know what I can improve both on the landing page and the app itself on its current iteration. 

I know @jelmerdeboer recently(?) set up his own instance of the open-source YOURLS. I'd be curious to hear what he thinks of BTFY and whether the convenience of it being hosted (and perhaps extra features?) outweigh the price tag.

Personally I'm not a fan of people sharing Bitly links, etc rather than just link to the end result directly. I don't like the idea of being tracked, cookied, etc. Regular links do the job just fine.

Makes me wonder whether there's a market for a privacy-friendly link shortener. That intentionally does not track people, set cookies, etc. I know that would limit the functionality, but the signal "I respect your privacy" might make up for it. You could even add privacy-specific functionality such as hiding the referrer, etc.

Thanks @marc! I actually thought of that too having a privacy toggle when you create a link, I've seen few products in PH that are focus on those. I'll put this suggestion in the pipeline.