[Solved] Anyone familiar with vue3 and tailwind or better yet tailwindui?

I am more of a django person need to make vue3 and tailwind work together

Happy to pay for advice if price is right

Do you a specific question about it? From my quick sampling they have HTML, Vue, and React versions for most or all of their templates.

I wrote in gory details in django-tailwind… but it got closed with a message to DM timonweb on twitter.

Now waiting for response in twitter.

will update this when I have news

An option for me is to write my own vanilla JS just for that landing page 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ok, latest update is I will choose the vanilla JS route. Turns out timonweb is also using tailwindui and he chose that route. I feel more confident in that option now.


Will change direction and use vanilla JS instead to work with tailwindui within django-tailwind