Roast Write Invisible

On Write Invisible you write without seeing what you have written. This helps you to tame your inner editor and your voice to emerge. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on Write Invisible. While we in beta you can test this solution for free.

  • The lines are quite long. I think ~10 words per line is ideal. So increase font size or make the paragraphs more narrow.
  • The typeface is interesting and adds a lot of personality to the page. However, it's hard to scan and there's quite a lot of text.
  • I really dislike the experience of not seeing what I'm writing. I'd prefer if at least I could see the current word. What I'd like even better is for the rest of the text to just be dimmed rather than complete invisible (similar to iA Writer)
  • Overall though I'm just not convinced of the product's concept, so I wouldn't even give it a fair chance.
  • The trial signup is rather intimidating. So many fields to fill out. Email should be enough.

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  1. Your reaction to not seeing what you are writing is fairly common - people feel uncomfortable . For others, it is the exact opposite - they feel joy in just writing.

  2. Points on fonts spacing etc are well made, and I will make these changes.

  3. Agreed the trial signup is rather intimidating. Going to fix this.

How's progress on this? There is a 'woo woo' space market for this, but I can't see how they would pay for this. (how's sales?)

Marketing wise, this seems more like a free Lead Magnet to get leads for an online "unleash your writing" program.

Hi. Progress is good, and I am having fun. I build this for myself, and use it everyday. I like the idea of linking this to a course. Working towards getting lots of "stuff" sorted out before NaNoWriMo, and hoping authors will get some writing done. Thanks for the suggestion of linking to a course - it is an interesting and helpful idea.