I'd love to get some early feedback on

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First off, love the name! Any way you can see the data when you are logged in?

Thanks! Not yet, but that's the plan.

Do you have a dashboard (or a database client) that allows developer to manage the stored data?

Yes, the plan is to eventually add some type of data manager.

Great for a POC - test ideas/projects without ruining yourself!
How do you handle it when people eventually need more storage?


I haven't gotten that far yet, but the architecture I have designed allows users to expand storage instantly.

The plan is that the MVP would only cater to personal projects, etc.

The concept of Nachobase grew because I have several personal projects that don't need much storage, and I didn't want to purchase and stand up, both a database and API for simple stuff.

I have a couple IoT projects that save sensor data and a few scripts on my computer that I would love to store historical results. With Nachobase, I could buy a database and API for super cheap, and then start saving data right away. Shell scripts could use curl to create records, etc.

Another key to Nachobase is that there won't be vendor lock-in. The long-term vision is a data export and an open-source tool that exposes the same RESTful API.

Also, I'm not a fan of Google Firebase because well, Google.