Reading newsletters

Are you comfortable reading newsletters with your current email client, or would you find a dedicated newsletter reader beneficial?

A simple yes/no would be nice, but obviously I would appreciate to hear your thoughts.

I tend to use RSS for subscribing to blogs, etc whenever possible. If there's a newsletter without an RSS feed I might read it in Fastmail if it's shorter content or interactive (e.g. lots of links I might want to check out), or send it to Instapaper so I can read it on my Kindle if it's long-form.

Personally I wouldn't want to add yet another app to my daily workflow.

I have a dedicated newsletter email address which I send to iOS Mail app

I'm happy just using my personal email for newsletters, I only read < 5 though, so not a newsletter fiend.

I keep my inbox at 0 when I have a newsletter either I read it directly in gmail or I delete it. 'Read later' doesn't work for me.

I am just using my personal email address. I don't read all the editions of the newsletter. I am okay with missing some of those.

Is there a newsletter search functionality in the works? Or does anyone know of any tool they like that has this functionality?