Prototyping group questioner with no code - which stack to use?

Good day,

I've been experimenting with low-code solutions, like jamstack, with some success. But would really love to give no-code approach try as well. I've been hearing too much about "validating a business without a single line of code" and it currently seems impossible - but I would like to take on that challenge.

I have a project in mind, that seems easy enough to implement with nocode approach. But I don't have any experience with NoCode tooling and can certainly use advice from peers.

I'd love to build a specialized group questioner project. Multiple people (>1) will be filling out same pre-defined questioner as a group, but only once everyone will complete their own questioners... everyone will receive all responses.

What kind of no code "stack" could be used to achieve this?

Have you looked at bubble or webflow?

But that's just a landing page builders, if not mistaken?

Can you just use google forms if it’s for validation? It’s pretty customisable.

Otherwise, anything on top of airtable will do.

You could use softr with airtable in the back and then automate anything you need in Zapier.

This 👆

Seems like something typeform can do with built in logic

Good option! I haven’t used typeform yet but it would fit the bill! is solid and better than Typeform IMO

Never hear of reform Sean, it looks good! Thanks for sharing 👍🏼

This is great! This is way better than alternatives I've tried so far -- thanks for advise.