Prioritize b2b saas growth

How do you guys prioritize what to work on? Especially if you have you first 100+ customers. I just worked on product and offering great support to get those first 100 customers but its hard maintaining growth rate currently.

I was thinking of using AAARRR framework myself to analyse each stage and then plan a couple of initiatives that improve. But unsure if thats the best way.

Still havn't found a great growth channel yet.

I believe that you will need to search what really works for you, but i can share what worked for us before.
We have created a simple google sheets file to track our most important metrics and then as the business grow, we have added new metrics that with the time became important.

Based on those metrics, we start having a clearer vision about what is important to work on.

Good luck!

What are the metrics you started tracking in the beginning?

We have a SaaS, so we start tracking monthly:
Visitors, Signups (new trials), Activations (new paying customers), Total Active Customers, MRR, Churn $, Total Monhtly Billing.

Every collumn with a secondary collumn reflecting the % impact vs previous month.
A: Visitors
B: Visitors % (vs previous month)
This way you can read growth or contraction of each metric and easly understand how it impacted that month for example.