Possible to update previous day’s todos?

Hi, I’m new to the community and I’ve not yet built up a habit to track todos into WIP yet. 

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything for the day — and it sucks to have my streak broken because I forgot to update stuff. 

Is it possible to somehow add to yesterday’s done list and keep the streak going? I’m sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t info on this (just right before bed haha). 


Yep, you can't, you need to log in each day. That's the beauty of the system. I lose my streak a tonne going camping without reception, but that's kind of part of it.

You cannot go into the past. However, if you know that you will do something later but won't have an internet connection to document it, you could schedule a message to the Telegram bot.
Or move timezones to somewhere where it is still yesterday 😊

I was so upset when I lost my streak because I was so hyperfocused with my work that I forgot to log progress with wip. It's happened several times too 😭

Do you have Telegram? If so, wip bot will send you push notifications.

I tend to work with my phone in airplane mode (because I have zero self-control) and don't get notifications, so I set alarms to check in here at 12:30am, just to make sure my streak is safe. I'll sometimes put in my entire to-do list as pending tasks to make it easy to check them off during the day as I complete them. (Having this page pinned in my browser has really helped too.)

Looks like I just have to remember to write stuff into WIP then.

When you say wip bot will send you push notifications, you mean like reminders?

You can do this, actually - but you need to use the API. And I'm not sure I want to explain - as it's indeed the beauty of the system to track every day. 😊

I was messing with the API when I built an integration to Hevy, a few months ago, and mistakenly added and completed a todo on the previous day. 😅

Thanks for sharing :)