Patreon for subscribers

Has anyone considered using Patreon for subscribers?

I am considering using it for a small community type project. This community could extend to a YouTube / Podcast for content.

It's not a bad option, sure, but you have to be explicit about it. Is it purely to get a bit of support for the content, or do you intend to use this as a revenue stream? In the former case you have to be clear that what they're doing is supporting you with no guarantee of any return. In the latter you're usually offering something exclusive in return for these Patrons.

What I've also seen done are "just support" Patreon tiers at something like $1 that gives no benefits, or alternatively also open a BuyMeACoffee/Ko-Fi/etc account alongside Patreon for one-off donations.

Thank you for your thoughts.

The type of community I'm building could include Youtube / Podcast and I think Patreon could tie everything together.

I wouldn't mind using Patreon as a way to provide commercial free content, previews and access to early features, voting on roadmap stuff.

I like how aharris00britney built the tiers. "Early Access + Voting" and…

So you have a very good point... just make it very explicit what users are getting.