Not increasing streak when marking a to-do as done by Telegram

Hi, this is what is happening:

When I mark the first to-do of the day as done using Telegram app (Windows) my streak is not being increased. The task is listed in the Done tab in my profile but my streak still the same as yesterday.

I noticed that if I mark the task as done using the website my streak is increased.

Considering that, I would like to know if this problem is happening to someone else because I am not sure if the problem is with me (my profile or my computer) or with the as I have not seen any question about this issue.

Thing I have tried but did not worked: - Mark more than one task using Telegram; - Use /refresh command in Telegram; - Erase cookies and cache files of my browser; - Sign out and sign in; - Try different browser.


Hey! Happens to me too. So, I don't worry too much about it as I see a todo completion gets recorded alright. Cuz, it can always be recalculated.

It's usually my second todo of the day that triggers the updation of streak count. I mostly use it via telegram.

Thanks for your answer @Ashfame I am kind of glad not be the only one haha.

But for me even the third task did not triggered the streak count update.

Anyway, thanks :D

Thanks for the heads up! This was a bug that is now fixed :)