Need Feedback: I'm building a website to protect better your privacy on the internet

I'm building a website to help protect your privacy with: -A summary of the privacy threat for each online service -A list of the data you share with the service -A checklist to configure your settings to protect your privacy

I just designed the first page and I need feedback:

Do you think that's useful? How could I improve the page?

Also, no idea how to monetize this? A patron business model like WIP?

Love the idea, reminds me of

Have you thought about assigning scores to each reviewed policy? I personally would like to get a short summary in the beginning (instead of scrolling through the whole page and doing assessment by myself).

As for the visual design aspect:
• Try to narrow the content instead of letting it flow from side to side. There are studies showing that the optimal line width contains around 3 times the whole alphabet (78-80 letters per line) - narrow the column/scale font size accordingly. Remember that the longer the line, the harder it is to maintain flow of jumping to the beginning of the next line (because our brain forgets if the beginning of this particular line was already read).
• Center aligned text is hard do skim/read
• Section titled "Data shared with Facebook" is long, but each line is fairly short. Have you thought about containing each line within a card and then aligning them into multiple columns? Maybe even group them by category, or differentiate them visually (by color?)

Awesome, thanks for your detailed feedback! I will work on improving the visual part, narrowing the content right now!

Looks really cool. This is the kind of stuff that can get a lot of press coverage (especially in these Zucc times). Partnerships and donations seems to be a better way to keep the site running imo, but I may be wrong.

Also, check out @PuraVida506's, might interest you.

Really cool, I didn't know it!

Which kind of partnerships are you thinking about? Like a kind of sponsorship?

Yep, sponsorships. EFF,, Durov (ha), etc.

Maybe I'm just trippin' but who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯