Wojciech Gabryś


Joined April 2018
#nowelizator [payments] integration with invoice generation API
#nowelizator iron out profile page (mainly change password section)
#nowelizator [legal] update terms of service with final version
#nowelizator [legal] update privacy policy with final version
#nowelizator [legal] add proper consent clauses during signup and purchase process
#nowelizator properly count time elapsed from last generated PDF
#nowelizator [legal] print out and sign NDAs for testers
#nowelizator push out first beta build to testers
#nowelizator incresease regexp granularity during parsing process
#nowelizator [legal] come up with cookie, signup and subscription-starting consents
#nowelizator events, listeners & notifications refactoring
#nowelizator log events of bill actions (creating, updating, deleting and generating PDFs)
#nowelizator update daily notifications so that they're sent only to paid subscribers
#nowelizator [legal] fill out missing parts of Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
#nowelizator [devops] configure deamons to run Artisan commands on a production server
#nowelizator fix Drift widget button (not working when navigating to help from another page)
#nowelizator [devops] implement proper deployment strategy (with rollbacks)
#nowelizator [devops] configure a secure external access to MySQL and Redis on production server
#nowelizator slim down controllers by moving secondary task to queued events
#nowelizator [notifications] rewrite Mailables to Notifications and enable queueing where possible