@marc: WIP Menubar throws a warning every time it's launched on Mac OS. Is there a workaround?

Hey ☒, just installed Menubar on my new MacBook. Getting this warning every time WIP launches; it seems to be generating a randomly named executable each time it launches. 

I tried:
1. Ctrl + Clicking WIP and clicking open to get it to trust the app
2. Adding it to the developer tools menu (pictured)
3. Clicking "allow" in Privacy & Security when MacOS asks if I trust this file (this doesn't help because the file name is randomly generated upon launch)
4. Disabling GateKeeper (people recommend using "allow from anywhere" to disable these warnings globally) but that option is not visible in the latest version of MacOS
4. Searching wip for other people with this problem (doesn't appear to be any questions related to this)

Still receiving this warning. Is there somewhere else I can add the app as "trusted" so this error stops popping up? Or, are you able to verify yourself as a developer somehow?


EDIT: Solution that worked for me is to install WIP menubar from GitHub:

Thanks marc for the suggestion

Unfortunately something went wrong with the Mac App Store signing and Apple doesn't let me fix it. Been trying forever.

Can you try to download from GitHub directly?…

Will give that a shot a bit later, let's see if that works. Thanks

Installing via dmg fixed the issue, thanks again!

Since it works fine from dmg, isn't it better to add that to the instructions in instead of the app store download? Everyone is going to encounter the same issue otherwise haha (I did too the first time I installed it)