Is my product's name too similar to a competitor's?


I‘m building a product like Buffers Pablo named „placid“ - ( - maybe I‘ll buy

I thought of the meaning (calm, easy) and it sounds a bit like place it ;) - im really in love with that name

then I found - which does similar things (although im not filling high res stock images with screenshots)

... placid <-> place it

too close? what do you think?

somehow I think its close, otherwise is placid its own word

Don't think it's too close. Different word and different kind of product.

Doesn't seem like an issue to me.

oh thanks - glad to hear that 👏

I've stumbled upon a waaay back, and (upon learning about your product) my mind hasn't made the connection – You're in the clear 😉

Good luck with Placid!

haha - that sounds good for me :) thank you!