Is it possible to archive/hide a project from my profile?

I've recently started a new project on WIP which is a pivot of a previous project. I no longer want the old project to be visible on my profile but it still needs to be accessible to me. Is this possible?

That would be an interesting feature @marckohlbrugge

Not currently. When you say archive/hide would you want to completely hide it from everyone everywhere? (except you)

Yes, that's correct @marckohlbrugge. Idea is that the project is no longer active, so I'd like to hide it everywhere on WIP except for me. The other way could be to keep the project visible and I should be able to mark the project as closed and provide a retrospective about why it is closed, learnings, etc.

If you look at my profile now, there are two projects of which I've just marked one of them as archived in it's description to partially solve the problem.