Indie Hackers in the education or science industry?

I'm very interested in these two industries and I'd like to start following people on Twitter who are actively involved through a bootstrapping / indie-hacking approach.

Could you suggest some people to follow developing products or services within this domain?

Education is pretty broad - if you're interested in financial education, I post about things like this on occasion and just started a finance related newsletter: and

@ben how are you gonna promote your news website?

I posted it everywhere (producthunt, 5 different subreddits related to finance, different finance related forums, indie hackers) - so far I got 20 subscribers. Going to post once per week and see if it grows organically

following because I'm moving into creating content + marketing strategies for edtech + martech companies

I just started last month, if you consider language learning as part of education - it's a free daily newsletter to build your vocab in different languages

I started FluentAI 2 months ago. It is an app that user can speak with AI to improve their English skills. The app is equiped with some features for English learner like: translation, suggestions, prunciation checker.

I made the app because I think conversation skill is getting more and more important in future as we have a lot of tool for online meeting.

Btw, I am going to change the name to FluentPal because of the copyright issue in US store.

I'm working on #albertbro which is an AI powered math tutor chatbot

Hey I work in edtech a bit too! It's been challenging, for sure, compared to some of the other markets. I met teachers that ended up using our product on