Rostyslav Futornyi


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Joined August 2023
failed to make a quick prototype for car saloons gallery (will try after launch again) #cartuned
decided to launch #cartuned this/next week instead of testing new idea #cartuned
make reasonable chat gpt prompt to apply for jobs automatically
arrived in Chișinău to have 1 month of stable life before moving out to a new place
live in a boat because flight got canceled
research how to make AI based automatic form filler
polish 30m
made fixes for launch #cartuned
research idea about apartment alerts, so it is easier to find apartment for people who don't have time
finish draft of a new flow and it looks like it is working good #cartuned
daily job (then cleaning up apartment and work a bit on #cartuned)
almost finished wizard #cartuned
Sent documents to visa specialist in 20m (took 1 month of procrastination)
I have been postponing sending documents to a visa specialist for a long time. I want to make a commitment. If I don't do that by the end of the day, I will donate $500 to charity. You can choose the charity.
On list again
fix wizard #cartuned
get back home from Israel
done work business trip (have a flight back tomorrow morning), can get focused on projects more
throw axes
done wizard foundation #cartuned