If you could ask your favorite maker anything, what would you ask? #wip

I'd like to build out the WIP maker profiles a bit and figured it would be nice to have a collection of Q&A's for each member.

What's your minimal viable stack?

"What's your revenue?"

In the Product People Club we have a google sheet where people can share their revenue each month. Maybe not fit for Q&A but more as a feature in the bot/profile.

Not in question form but would like to see this on a maker profile: a short bio, tech stack they are using, link to their social media/blog, an overview of their projects (past and present) and maybe current location?

"What is your next goal/milestone, what are you planning at the moment?", from a high-level perspective

How do you work on a daily basis? What apps do you use for tasks, planning, budgets, projects?

How did you start?

What is your next big goal(s)?

What is the end goal?

Stack info (what main language / tools / .. )
Professional ambitions
Biggest lesson learned