If you could ask your favorite maker anything, what would you ask? #wip

I'd like to build out the WIP maker profiles a bit and figured it would be nice to have a collection of Q&A's for each member.

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Running 5+ SaaS in parallel at | Jazz musician 🎷

What's your minimal viable stack?

"What's your revenue?"

In the Product People Club we have a google sheet where people can share their revenue each month. Maybe not fit for Q&A but more as a feature in the bot/profile.

Not in question form but would like to see this on a maker profile: a short bio, tech stack they are using, link to their social media/blog, an overview of their projects (past and present) and maybe current location?

"What is your next goal/milestone, what are you planning at the moment?", from a high-level perspective

How do you work on a daily basis? What apps do you use for tasks, planning, budgets, projects?

Sometimes Vancouver, BC. Pronouns: she/her

How did you start?

What is your next big goal(s)?

What is the end goal?

owns | team lead | maker | apps | SaaS | cross-platform | mobiledev | The Netherlands

Stack info (what main language / tools / .. )
Professional ambitions
Biggest lesson learned

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