I made this SEO keyword searching thingie for my own needs... Does anyone want it? Its very ugly at the moment. Give me feedback please

Lets say you want to rank high on Google for the keyword "pet dog care"
Before you write any content, you want to know what questions people ask on Google, Who is ranking on the top 10 and what other keywords do they rank for?, and 'Google Suggestions' for the phrase.
So I made one and I find it damn bloody useful when creating highly relevant and SEO potimised content. Wonder if anyone else finds this stuff useful.
I have been burnt building unnecessary stuff before so I am very careful to validate first now. I will only develop this further is there is any interest here :-)
Here is the screencast of this thing...

Would love to test it.

I am still developing it. This blew up in a subreddit so I quickly created a landing page to collect emails of those interested... Please go here to do that

How does it work? Does it just use google adwords keyword planner?

not the keyword planner. it uses a variety of other services

Nice one. I've been using chatGPT for the "top questions" and it is giving quite similar results:

haha.... but seriously, its better to be sure when writing long form content right?