Full time @ FAANG (for now). Always bootstrapping stuff on the side.
Joined May 2023
continue domain exodus godaddy -> cloudflare #life
notice insane inflation in Argentina🇦🇷 on the price of a small VPS I keep there (x20 $ARS price in 5 years) #life
pass 100 signups/mo. paid conversion rate ~10% #propertyvendors
see slight conversion improvement after 1 month using Stripe custom domains (84->87 %) low n though #propertyvendors
switch % to absolute $ savings for yearly subs... does this make a difference? 🤷‍♂️ #propertyvendors
add new section to user panel to manage email alerts for competitors registering in a specific area #propertyvendors
use github/disposable/disposable-email-domains to prevent signups from temp email domains. also remove "+string" from address to prevent infinite signups from 1 address #pregunta2
get response from customer who requested chargeback, saying it was a mistake (!), and ask him to withdraw dispute 🤞 instead of paying again #propertyvendors
launch new feature to promote Pro ($) accounts: email alerts about new companies registering in your area #propertyvendors
decided to ignore my first Stripe "early warning" one month ago, and now paying the price #propertyvendors
change prices to end in 7 because indie maker twittersphere says so #propertyvendors
selling subscriptions to LATAM teens be like 😂 #pregunta2
chart 12+ years (!) of AdSense payouts #life
code quick and dirty PayPal sub & MRR checker #propertyvendors
cache tags in a json to save 1 db query #pregunta2
realize I broke user signup yesterday oops #pregunta2
take 30 seconds to make company directory page slightly more sober #propertyvendors
watch puppy wrestling #life
walk puppy #life
continue transferring stuff away from godaddy and into cloudflare because why the hell pay markups on domains in 2023 anymore #life