How to post on wip website a done todo ?

I use WIP 100% of the time posting my done task, I don't use todo.
Each time I come to the website, I have to post and click to make it done.
Sometimes I forgot to do the second click and I loosed a streak like that, how to post direct done? or have option for that?

The easiest way is to use the Telegram bot, by typing "/done <put your text here>" - alternatively, you can download the menubar here:

yes i do in the bot too, but i'm surprise the website don't allow us

Yes I also found it a bit less intuitive - I had to tick my todos done every evening manually to mark the day off :(

@marc do you know about this ?

Hi yes. Been meaning to reply. The current way is like you do. Create the todo on the homepage and then check the checkbox.

I agree it's a bit annoying and counter intuitive. The vast majority of todos on WIP are immediately completed and never in a pending state. So I will change it such that the checkbox is already visible when creating the todo + automaticlaly check if by default for you.

oh man you will improve my life so much !

Also a simple solution is to have a button "add Done" near to "add Todo"