How to keep high engagement and high quality content in group chats with growing communities?

Slack-like chat platforms are great for smaller communities, but engagement rates and the value each member gets out of the chat decreases dramatically as the community grows.

Instead of switching entirely from a chat based community to a forum based one, what about letting people create "threads"/"topics" under which members can chat. This would create a series of "niche" threads with a much lower number of participant in each - with potentially better engagement rates and more accurate answers.

What do you think? #coindeck

I think for a single tech platform to enable a community to grow through what are obviously different phases of community growth it needs to evolve with the community. How it does that I'm not sure but I imagine you end up enabling a lot of the feature fb supports.

1-1 private chat
1-n private chat
1-n public chat (groups)
1-* public chat (statuses)

At some point though, the noise must get too much so allowing people to selectively filter out noise (and automatically doing it) becomes a must.

I think Spectrum is trying to solve the problem what you have