How does everyone begin connecting with others here?

So, I’ve been in WIP for a while now, but I’m still trying to figure out how to build connections here. 

How do you do it? 

Personally, I’m having problems because I tend to be quiet and don’t really know what to say to connect in most online (or even offline) situations. 

I’ve poked around and I'm not sure what to comment on others todos or done items. 

I’ve also looked at questions and I find myself being unable to contribute to most of them. 

Any ideas would be appreciated. 

Thank you 

Same here, I'm rather introverted. But just talk to people about whatever comes to mind. Congratulate them on wins and commiserate when things don't work out, connect on a personal level. talk about what you're building and about your feelings. Show what you're doing using images. It gets better with practice :)

Agree, this helps. Maybe you won’t make a shit ton of connections right off the bat, but you’ll slowly build meaningful ones. I’m not talking actively to anyone from WIP and I don’t have (any) friends, so I can relate on a deeper level than you might think (mental issues and stuff like that), but I do know people from WIP, and we both comment on each other’s tasks.

Like, I’ve been talking to @screenfluent (great guy) for a while, and we try to encourage one another. Today we’ve met accidentally on a WIP hangout, haha — talked for a while there too.

Sure, I would love to have really deep trustful connections with people, but it takes time.

So, don’t give up, lurk around, and, if you didn’t do it yet, join Telegram group chat — lots of folks talk there almost every day.

Well said Georgy :) For me joining a hangout is still a bridge too far but I'll get there 😅

Thank you Thomas and Georgy.

Guess I’ll take it slow and steady. It’s a good reminder not to rush things.

The same as anywhere else really - start commenting on posts, provide some value to people without asking for something in return, ship projects, answer questions, show up to meetups (there's a regular one once per week), talk and get to know people. Naturally people will start talking to you as well and now I have ~3 people I speak with regularly who I met on WIP.

I'd say Comment. Be helpful and curious. Perhaps a little annoying. Post your progress then continue helping others. That's my suggestion.

What you mean by being a little annoying?

Well to annoy is to request attention beyond an acceptable threshold. So doing that but a little bit of that I think is good in that context. Maybe don’t comment on everything. But try to leave value or be friendly in as many interactions as you can.

Asking a question like this is a great way :)

In addition to the many great answers posted already, I also suggest you try out the video hangouts we now started doing weekly! They should automatically show up on the homepage a few days before they start.

They are hosted by @rpish so feel free to ping her beforehand if there's anything you'd like to discuss during the call but aren't comfortable interjecting during call.

You can also join with video/mic off if you prefer to just listen in. There's a small chat window to chat during the call as well.