How do you set goals for yourself and/or products? #wip

Me and @nadine_bejou were discussing the idea of having a way to set and track your goals on WIP.

Before we dive into the feature though, I'd like to get a better sense of how all of you are setting goals (if any?), what kind of goals, how you measure them, whether you set a deadline, etc.

Personally I mostly set quantitative goals with many steps/milestones in between. eg create an MVP in two weeks and then break it down into smaller tasks in between. Always with a deadline in mind.

I also break down goals into categories, for example a 'Health' goal could be broken down into Diet and Workout or 'Building a product' could be broken down into Development, Design and Marketing organising that way the steps/milestones.

Hope it helps :)

+1 what Alex said. Cutting big chunks into smaller ones and setting a deadline for each of them. Sometimes I use the Eisenhower-Matrix if I can't decide. :)

TBH I almost never could get to my own projects deadlines that I thought I'd get to. That might be the reason I'm afraid of setting deadlines more than daily todo lists, I keep a rough deadline in my mind (that's how most do and it's least helpful way when you don't write 'em down, I know). Although for client projects, I kick my ass and deliver on the deadline (even super tight ones) perfectly.

Maybe, you should make a motivation concept so makers like me, would get into this party and challenge themselves. Also, a short tutorial on the process of getting goals done might help too.

I tried to say the reallity and I can see many like this too around me. I hope it helps you solve the problem. ROCK ON! 💪💕

Start with why it matters, and what the end goal is and add constraints - due date, budget, other resources. Work through steps and find a reasonable due date.

I want to add another thing too: I think because I enter new fields for my own projects, for example for my last product I'm building desktop apps as well as mobile apps, I can't exactly set a time/deadline for when it's done, I'm not aware of the unique challenges of the new field I just entered.

But for client freelance projects, I', comfortable with the tech I use, so I deliver it on time.

I don't do it as often as I think I should. But I believe it's a powerful tool that forces not only think in high-level about the product but also lets you review your work at the end of a cycle.

Few times I did post my monthly goals at Indie Hackers' (see that for examples how I do it):

I found it very useful as I got to think that I really want to accomplish in the upcoming month. Even though I didn't manage to fulfill everything, it got me a lot of food for thought. One aspect that I didn't like it is that month is a way too long period for rapid development and I'd like to stick to weekly goals.