How do you deal with your Twitter account(s)?

Do you keep all your products under your own personal account of do you go about creating targeted accounts for each product?

A new account for each product, so you can always be flexible with the kind of 'content' you want to share with an specific audience (niche) and after reaching 80k+ impressions that usually comes with an active following, you will start to receive +99 notifications involving a lot of feedback, problems w ur service or recommendations. So now, multiply that for N products and you will regret using your own personal account.

Plus, you can manage many accounts with 1 phone using the Twitter App, and in case you want some automation there is Buffer or IFTTT that can help you automating tweets or sharing content.

You will req. to use a mobile phone number for verification purposes after the 3rd or 4th account.

Yeah, I kind of figured it would be the best option... I got into the mistake of posting a lot of non-related posts on my site account, which had a very specific topic, and now I have to track back a bit. But should be worth it in the long run...

I have a couple of dozen Twitter accounts and only have one mobile phone number. I think you can skip this phone number step during sign up process. It's not very obvious, but I think it's possible. You can also skip the annoying onboarding wizard (that makes you try and follow a bunch of people) by just changing the URL to the Twitter homepage. It doesn't force you to complete signup wizard as long as you completed the basic steps such as choosing a username and email address.

One drawback of not adding a phone number is that your account is more likely to get suspended. This can even happen immediately after signing up without having tweeted anything. In that case you can appeal the suspension and explain why you had to create a separate business account and can't add a phone number since it's already linked to your main, personal account. If that account is in good standing, then you can expect your new account to be reactivated within a day or so.

It all depends on the audiences. If the product audience is a one-on-one match with your personal account then there's an argument to be made to just use your personal account. In most cases however, you're probably better of creating a separate account and retweeting where relevant.