How do you come up with your Terms of Service?

And your Privacy Policy?

I've spent so much time not reading these over the years I don't even know what to write or what to include.

Do you have any favorite resources for coming up with these that doesn't include hiring a lawyer?

I copy from someone else with a similar product, Cmd-R, search for their name and replace with mine. Done.

Use free generators from googling. As soon as you make significant revenue / have many users get a real one from a laywer

I used Basecamp's open-source policies:

I like this cause I can read it and understand it and make changes... Doesn't need to be written in lawyerese

You should try out avodocs

I just wrote simple text on a Google Doc for people who use my site as well as people who buy my books (e-books and physical products):

Terms and Conditions

Product names and trade names
Jelmer de Boer
Chamber of Commerce number: XXXXXX

Trading under the names
Jelmer de Boer
Thuisblijven is duurder

If you have bought something that did not meet your expectations, you can return it within a reasonable period (let's agree on a month) to:


stating your name and order number.

If you also email me at [email address] stating that you have returned, you will get your money back.

Digital goods
E-books cannot be returned and neither can memberships, but you can always email to [email address] and you will usually get your money back if you have a good reason.

I know this might be too simple, but I prefer to do the bare minimum of legal texts and just offer service like a real human because I absolutely hate to call / email services and jump through hoops and talk to robots to get stuff done.