How do you choose Color Palettes for your next project?

It took me a while to understand but good colors make the project look a lot better than one with poor design. Nowadays I am checking out Coolors & Colour Hunt for Inspiration. How do you choose your colors for next project?

My favourite superhero of all time is spiderman. So I choose color palette according to the costume my project feels closer to

Well I couldn't have thought of that. Man, not a superhero, but as a anti-hero, I like Dexter. I guess I can't choose Bloody Red.

I was not expecting this gem here.

I am usually using this:

I cant get enough of it!

Wow that's nice. Me too love Material Design in general.

Wow that's nice. I had bookmarked it a long time ago. Thank you for reminding me.

I have this in my projects to do:
- Build a chatbot that will analyze the written pitch of the project you want to launch
- Add a sentiment analysis of your written pitch
- Detect the sentiments and emotions written or evoqued in your project pitch
- Recommend some great colors corresponding to the emotions you want to bring in your project

  • If you don’t like the proposed colors : it means that your pitch needs to be rephrased!

So? How do you like it? 😁

Wow that's cool. Do you already have something built? It would be so useful & its one of the unique ideas. The imp problem is that most websites look similar like &

Most SAAS nowadays follow the same tradition of black/white & it looks good & decent but it still feels the same.

I don't want that. Some are really unique looking which I love like

And your idea looks good to hear. If you have something already & don't mind sharing it, then plz do. I would love that.

No, nothing developed by now, a shame! I’m not even sure the have to right skills to develop that 😁

Ohh it was todo. I thought its already done 😂
And don't worry man nobody knows what they are doing.

  • "At the end of the day we're all code monkeys trying to make weird libraries work together by writing shitty hacks" - @thekitze