How do I search questions?

I wanted to ask if I were to dump all of the tasks I need to do for a project in WIP was there a way to prioritise them but instead of asking I thought I would search because someone else is bound to ask.... however I can't seem to search questions. Am I doing something wrong?

I suppose one option is to use milestones?

Great question! We had search functionality for questions before, but it was kind of buggy so I removed it. But we should add it back and incorporate it into the relatively new search bar at the top of the site. Will make a note (or todo rather) to implement that.

To answer your other question: you should be able to re-arrange pending todos on your profile, but it's kinda clunky right now. Let me follow up in a couple of days and see if I can make it work more consistently.

Thank you for the response. To be honest I’m not a developer however when I worked for a startup I was shocked at how hard search functionality is to implement and at the same time people don’t value the amount of effort and cost is required in order to have an effective search feature. I just didn’t want to be annoying and in a new community so I thought it was best to ask.

Definitely not annoying. Most of the WIP features were built because of feedback like yours ❤️

Hi @rich_ard

Since the questions search functionality isn't yet available as confirmed by @marc , you may browse tags instead. for example, your current question has the tags wip and task-management. You may click on each tag to see related questions.

I hope this information is useful; welcome to the community (I'm also new here)

Best wishes