How could you exploit the anti Facebook trend?

I’m sure something can be done.
People are starting to realise that Facebook is making them more stupid and lose self esteem.

  1. Dating. For people who aren’t on Facebook. ? 

  2. Real Life. For People who aren’t on Facebook. (lol) ?

Any other thoughts? 

I dunno. I’m just seeing the 1/2/3% move against fb now.

And it’s only gonna grow.
 Its not unconceivable that Facebook could become ‘uncool’ over next 5 years.

I think Snapchat got it figured out haha.

Snapchat and Facebook are used by the same 'life spent on mobile' type of person.

I'm thinking of tapping into the complete opposite type of person.
The person who is aware that the "social network" is doing damage.

Check out: for a good execution of what I'm talking about.

Social networking is moving towards private closed chatrooms. You'll notice people spend a lot more time in Messenger than they do on Facebook. Almost everything happens through message groups, Facebook is just the highlight reel.

One way to capitalize on this trend is to build chatrooms with specific purposes. cough@marckohlbruggecough

Ahh, Jeeez.
Really good point. Very Astute.
Thank You!