How can we distribute the

A few weeks ago @dr33tje reached out to me. He mentioned he really likes our community and how it supports (upcoming) makers to ship and so his company Nedap likes to support that.

So they are contributing €2500 (about $3000) to WIP. @dr33tje told me I could use it however I see fit. But we talked about it and this what we came up with:

€500 will go towards covering some of the operating expenses of WIP. (hosting etc).

The remaining €2000 will be distributed throughout the community. Not as money, but in different ways. For example:

We could have prizes for the most helpful and active community members. Maybe we can have a little hackathon of our own. Etc.

It’s something we want to discuss here with everyone.

We’ll make a more formal announcement later on. But wanted to discuss in group first. To hear your ideas.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

P.S. All they asked in exchange was for us to mention them which seems more than fair. I think it’s very generous.

An idea: maybe use some money to license courses to teach makers some skills they're lacking. Or build a resource page with the best, no bs courses so people who are up and coming can pick a stack, learn and get started making asap.

I know my public library has a license with so anyone with a library card can sign in through a portal and get access to the content.

Make a page where people can submit ideas for the fund use and other upvote them. Most popular ideas win? 😜️

What is Is it different from fees to join the group? On the broader idea of helping people to ship, I think WIP can negotiate some deals with bigger suppliers. I am thinking of some kind of "starter pack".