How About the Official WIP Awards?

So Mr Levels got things started with the 100 days of shipping awards.

But could we do some more maybe once a year.

Could do:

Product of the Year (New Badge) Honorary Life Member (New Badge. Free Patronage) Maybe a few more

Just an idea.

last of the young and famous writers -

fuck facebook

That sounds cool. I still want that construction worker thing 3D printed!

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Yes! But I need to figure out logistics since I'm traveling and can't take care of shipping physical goods myself.

Any suggestions for services that can take care of everything? Design, production, logistics?

last of the young and famous writers -

i didn't think we would be doing tangible awards.
i thought badges could work.

So in addition to patron badge, the user would have a "product of the year" badge for example.

physical awards would be cool for sure. but a fair amount of hassle to organise.

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