Got a question for the freelancers

I'm coming back to the freelancing game after some time building other businesses, and I used to get a lot of content writing clients on Twitter circa 2009.

But now Twitter is X and there's a whole ~thing~ with it, and it's kind of a dumpster fire.

So, this one is for the freelancers (bonus if you're a freelance writer of some kind, but it's not necessary) -- are you still getting leads + clients through Twitter?

If so, what's your niche, what do you do, what kind of content are you creating over there?

Extra love if you drop your link. (I won't steal content, swearsies.)

For more context:

- My target audiences for blog writing, e-books + email sequences are B2B SaaS, B2B marketing + health/wellness/self-care. 

- I'm also a ghostwriter who packages creators' content into an ebook to use as a lead gen tool, and I've gotten mostly personal dev + productivity coaches interested in this. One current client is a career + relationship coach.

- I'm doing a pretty aggressive cold email + guest posting strategy to get clients and (re)build credibility, but I want to also kill it on the inbound marketing front so I don't have to send out 200 cold emails a week for too long -- hence: Twitter.

There seems to be a dual nature to Twitter/X right now. On the one hand, it sure is a dumpster fire.

On the other hand, indie hacker and tech niche communities have not moved from it, and continue to operate in it with great enthusiasm.

I've had one inbound client lead from my posting in my niche (I didn't take the job on for other reasons), and I'm by no means a known personality in my niche yet.

Overall, I think it'll still be of use for a fair while longer - it's going to take actual service disruption and potential shutdown to move some of these communities.

Thanks, Nik, for your really in-depth answer! I appreciate it.

I'll definitely do some more digging to make sure some potential clients are actively on there still. I'm not surprised the indie hacker + tech people are still loyal users, though! (I'd say even bootstrapped creators are still pretty active on there last time I check several months ago, even though they aren't necessarily my target audience - for this offer.)

Hey Cat - a long time ago when I was freelance most of my best clients came from:

  1. LinkedIn and personal networks - I just told people I had previously worked with that I'm available
  2. I maintained a blog with technical issues (I'm an engineer) and I still regularly get questions/leads from it

Do you have an online presence / blog?