First day, first customer

Hi! This is the first update about TravelOffers.
Yesterday (04/23/2018) was the launch day of TravelOffers. During the first 24 hours, we had: 

- 770 unique visitors (214 from Product Hunt, 27,8%)
- 365 free subscribers (47,4% conversion rate)
- 170 upvotes on ProductHunt
- 53,75% of our Welcome Email were opened
- 1 free subscriber converted in paid subscriber 🤗

The last number may seem low but actually we didn't think someone would convert before receiving a first free email and getting why upgrading is interesting, so we're pretty happy about it.

I'll try to update here at least every month, to track the growth.

Congrats on launching and getting your first paying customer! Getting that first $$$ is great validation you are onto something.

That ~50% visitor-to-subscriber conversion rate sounds great too. Keep us updated on the subscriber-to-customer conversion over the coming weeks. I think that will be the real test.

What's the next step now?

The next step is sending the first real email with flight offers, scheduled next week.
After that, the real challenge will be to continue generating traffic.

I think a great way to do it is to use these first free subscribers for them to share the email with their friends.

Ah yes that makes sense. And the beauty of email is that you can easily ask people for feedback. I've been doing this for a #betalist newsletter redesign and got a ton of useful comments that way.