Euro companies: What Stripe currency do you use? USD/Euro?

Hi everyone :) I'm about to roll out my current product in public in a few days.

I plan on charging for the product in USD, as that's seems like what all SaaS companies generally do.

My company is registered in Norway though, so I have up until now kept NOK as the Stripe currency.

Are there implications here on conversion as every single transaction will need to be converted NOK<>USD for each little transaction, including refunds etc?

Is it a better idea to keep USD as the currency for my Stripe account and rather have my bank control the conversion at payout?

I discovered this in the Stripe docs:…

It seems like there is no escaping conversion at each payment when I only have a Norwegian bank account and charge in USD.

I charge in USD and have Stripe deposit the revenue in USD to my USD-denominated bank account. Despite my business being based in Singapore where they typically use SGD.

I think Stripe only supports this for a handful of countries however. For most countries Stripe only supports depositing in the local currency.

Thank you! Then I can't control it, so no need to worry about that :)

Japanese usually prefer to pay with JPY, and I think South Korea's culture is somewhat close to Japan.

So, we set up different prices in USD, Euro, JPY, and KRW.

Just noticed this question is about European companies:sweat_smile: