Does "deals" section make sense for

I'm doodling with this idea of having a "Deals" section for

The tagline would change between these
  • Best deals from the apps you love
  • Best deals from the brands you love
  • Best deals from the websites you love
  • ...

Idea is to promote apps/brands (increasing sales) and have a place for customers to get good deals. (potentially a marketing channel for brands). 

What do you think?

Does anyone here have a coupon system working and would be able to provide a special deal for users?

I like it. I wonder if the relevancy of the deals is important? Just about every domain registry has coupon codes / deals. You could start by populating it with those?

I was hoping to start with saas apps/services or any businesses which has coupons/deals for their customers.

I see how ".domains" tld is giving an idea that this is about buying domains. I did worry about the message not being conveyed properly and it happened 😅

The "deals" idea was supposed to be a separate project "" and I'm trying to squeeze it in in

I guess it doesn't make sense to include in

It all depends what your trying to do with

Is it purely a fun project / experiment? Or are you interested in making money out of it. If its the later then I can see how "deals" (and thus affiliate revenue) might be worth while adding.

Why not do it on the letsmakeadeal domain and link to it from highscores?

You are right, let me try it at as a separate project in letsmakeadeal and see how it goes...

The reason for not doing that so far is that, don't want to start another project and goes stale. I guess we never know without trying!