Does anyone know of a woocommerce plug-in that can return a random product after purchasing?

I'm creating an MVP where users can pledge an amount, any amount. Once they have paid, the site then selects a random product and assigns that transaction to that product.

Ideally, I'm looking for a Wordpress plug-in that can handle this.

There are a bunch that do upsells. Not sure about randomising it, but you might get better results from tailoring the upsell product anyway.

Thanks Rob, I'm not sure that this will suit my use case though - I've expanded on the question to provide more detail (I was unable to do this via the bot).

Ahh makes sense. I don't know of a plugin, but shouldn't cost more than a few hundred bucks to get one developed (if you're not a dev). Doesn't seem too onerous.… - this looks the stuff. founded by one of the founders of woothemes.

scratch that - that will not work for a secret product.

If I understand it right, you want to have customers pay for a product and then afterwards decide what product they will get (Randomised)? This should be done by having a standalone product which people buy. And then later on, fulfilment of a randomised product is done with some logic on order status reaching complete status. Downloadables can be granted access + Physical product needs to be plugged into your shipping logic (this can get complicated if you are already using a plugin to do fulfilment, easier to plug the logic in your own fulfilment processing code).

Not quite. Really, this is what I’m after...

  • user purchases a product, but doesn’t know what the product is yet.
  • after the payment is processed, the site reveals what the user just purchased (along with transaction email)

I can spend a bit of time writing the logic for all this without woocommerce myself, I was just wanting to throw together a very quick MVP as a proof of concept - hence the want for a plug-in or similar.

What I said could be one approach to implement it.

Otherwise you add a product randomly based on a certain action and then hide the product details on cart and checkout page & let them buy it. Afterwards, its revealed on its own?