Does anyone have experience selling Mac apps?

I'm searching for the most reliable flow to do that outside the Mac App Store.

I started to use Gumroad Fees:
- if you pay $10 / month fee will be 3.5% + $0.3 from each sale.
- If you want free you will pay higher fee 8.5% + $0.3 from each sale.

Gumroad calculator (free vs paid):ā€¦

You can withdraw money to your personal PayPal account (I didn't try yet).

There is some risk that Gumroad or PayPal can verify you and ask some extra docs (it didn't happen to mean but I heard from a friend)

Good caveats on Gumroad & PayPal Andrey, thanks for that! Do you mind to share about how do you withdraw your money then?

will do

All good. Tried withdraw to PayPal. They sending payments each Friday

Check out FastSpring - we've used PayPal directly for 12 years, but it's time to update our process.

Hello Brian, thanks for giving some thoughts on it! šŸ™‚ May I know the reason behind the update from PayPal to something else? Another question though, can't Stripe do this as well?

Yes. Stripe will be what I update to.

Do you know how does FastSpring pricing looks like? Their pricing page doesn't even say that.

Found this on Google. If its true, its BS -ā€¦

Canā€™t remember exactly, but itā€™s a full-service solution. They handle support etc.

There is also Paddle that was mention by some WIP member but I didn't try it.
- Good: They are supporting Payoneer withdraw. Good for people from Easter Europe who don't have PayPal (Gumroad do not support PayPal)
- Bad: Hight fee: 5% + $0.5 vs 3.5% + 0.3$ Gumroad

Yes, I'm using Paddle and it's nice. But I've not tried the withdrawal yet.

I don't have any personal experience selling Mac apps, but the services that seem most common when buying Mac apps are FastSpring and Paddle.

If you haven't already I'd go visit your favorite Mac developers' websites and see what platform they use.

I highly recommend Paddle in connection with DevMate for licensing. Easy to set up. Receiving payments always on time.

Thatā€™s cool Adam! So how do they send the money btw?

To my Revolut account, around 10th day of the month