Do you use a SEO analysis tool for your project?

Do you use a SEO analysis tool for your project?
If so, which tool do you use? For which feature?

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I use SEMRush for #cardmapr.


How is it? Would you recommend it, and why?

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Using it for a few weeks now. Never used any other tool. Recommend it, but it's very expensive.

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Every few months I sign up for the 7 day paid trial from ahrefs. It gives me a lot of insight into keywords, especially against competitions. The audit tool has also helped me recognize duplicate descriptions and titles that I wasn't aware of.

I would love to pay for the service all the time, but my SEO audits are rare and I can't justify the cost (yet).

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I personally use Ahrefs and if you want a tool for SEO-oriented content research, staying on top of your site's SEO health or sneaking on your competition's SEO than it's a great tool. Plus, it has an awesome community over Twitter, YT, and FB.

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I use Ahrefs almost everyday; from keyword analysis to the SEO health of my client websites. Their pricing is very stiff for only SEO purposes. But when you get past the basics, it’s a very valuable tool to generate blog and business ideas.

I use Ahrefs too. It is pricy, but try out their seven days paid trial, as others have suggested, and try it out. Even if you don't opt for a monthly plan, their advice and insights are worth it IMO. Their research tools is what convinced me to subscribe.

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