Robin van der Vleuten


Freelance developer building nifty tools on the side.
Joined September 2020
Add additional metadata and schemas to websites #freelance
Finally trying out the Dall-E fuzz through invite #lab
Use custom ActiveRecord type to normalize durations #tijdwerk
Rebuilding timeline overview with the hotwired stack #tijdwerk
Fixing some missing content in menu #freelance
Update statamic to its latest version #freelance
Fixing missing domains in SSL certificates #freelance
Fixing some weird Google schema issues on client's website #freelance
Researching ways to retrieve new domain names without using a crawling mechanism #alldomains
Extracted more than 35 million domain names out of crawled dataset 💪 Now I need to check if it matches the complete internet 😅 #alldomains
Set up a separate AWS account for any project specific resources #alldomains
Lots have changed in Rails / Webpack in the last year, so decided to ditch Webpack completely and go with Vite instead ⚡️ #tijdwerk
Dusted off the repository on Github #tijdwerk
Trying to get this crawled dataset (of almost 100 Terabytes 😅) to be queryable somehow #alldomains
Create WIP products page #alldomains
Acquire a nice domain name #alldomains
Add article to #blog about React context API
Keep track of received submissions per day through Postgres triggers #submit
Spend way too many hours adding rounded corners to path in SVG 😅 #tijdwerk
Entries can be marked as billable through #tijdwerk interface