Do you read people’s completed todo’s on the WIP website frontpage? #wip

I'm guessing hardly anyone does, in which case I might start experimenting with some other designs.

For example I think we can we show more recent questions, recent Product Updates, and the newest members.

Juts occasionally. I think the homepage could be used for something else and to-do's could be pushed somewhere...

I don't think you should completely remove todos from the homepage - maybe only show those for projects we choose to follow?

Perhaps one section for showing todos of products that we follow + one section for random stream of all products (so that more can be discovered).

Sometimes when I check for product launches. Mostly spending time on my pending tasks page and in Telegram.

I like it and check it regularly but think expanding the shipped product block with more information would be great as well. I think the leaderboard should go though as it just seems to encourage people to make up tasks or add non-shipping related stuff to keep their streaks going.

Yes, but occasionally. The more attention goes to the Q&A. 🙂

I could see there being two sub-pages: /todo and /done I'd look at both.

Just a quick glance of today's completed todo's.. Never looked thru past dates todos.