Do you ever have to take payments related to your product, that are not within the limits of your payment/billing setup?

E.g. you have a subscription based SaaS but want to sell a one-month advertisement spot on your website.

If you do, what was your specific situation?

Disclaimer: I’m working on a product that allows this and am trying to find more use cases (and testers!)

Yeah I occasionally run into this. What I do right now is set up a one-off Typeform for that one payment. It's usually for $xxx or $x,xxx payments so it's worth, but not ideal.

I considered building a solution myself (quick way to receive arbitrary amounts through Stripe), but haven't come around to it yet.

If you build something that's simple and low cost (fixed monthly/annual fee) I'd consider using it.

Yes, I thought most people would do it through Paypal, but there are reasons to not use Paypal. Didn't think about Typeform.

For which scenarios have you needed a solution like this?

I'm building on top of Stripe and thinking about a % based plan and plan(s) with fixed monthly/annual fees.