Do you brand your invoices? What apps do you use for invoice generation?

I want to create a developer-oriented invoicing and quote generating website. Idea would be to integrate Google Sheets + being able to add custom CSS.

I see a lot of people using Google sheets for calculations and copy pasting it into InDesign. I was thinking of making something with a better workflow.

I think this is a great idea! I have been thinking of building it myself but was never convinced I could get anyone else to use or buy it, glad I am not the only one thinking about it.

I do use branded invoices, I use Microsoft word to make them now. If I really really wanted to get fancy, I have a basic template in Sketch I use.

An interface that is branded where I can put in the least amounts of numbers and all other calculations (such as additions and percentage calculations are done for me) will be my ideal solution. Hope this is helpful

It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one frustrated by this. I'll definitely have a go at making it!! Wonder what would be a good name though? 🤔

Custom CSS would be really nice tbh.
Currently using Debitoor which is made specifically for Germans and their 'special' tax laws though (if I'm not mistaken). The invoice customization options are quite thin though, would love to make them look better.

I feel the same, all the tools I used had really light customization or were overly complicated. I'm thinking it would be really cool just to be able to link an extenal css file, like from a portofolio website and have the design stay the same when you update.

I use Moneybird for all my administration. Invoices, receipts, offers. And in that tool I branded my invoices.

Interesting, I see you and the @Bjornftw are both dutch. Does Moneybird have some extra local features that make it more interesting than products like Freshbooks for example?

They provide stats and exports for the local vat that makes it very easy to use.

The mail's for offers and I voices are standard made in Dutch. That is handy, so Ido not have to translate it. I work.mostky for Dutch clients.

And, the help desk is up to par with the needs for local rules and regulation.

That is why I choose to use a local product for this.

I use Moneybird too

I use Supports custom templates with CSS and everything.

Bill looks promising! I've been using Billings (for years) -…. This version (no subscription) doesn't even exist anymore but it's still running well on the latest macOS.

I really like the down to earth feature set of this app. I can see why you use it!