Could you spare some upvotes for Simple OTP?

Hey there, I recently launched Simple OTP on PH and HN. Would you mind throwing me some upvotes? I realize this isn't a "real" question but questions seem to get featured more prominently on this site, so I'm cheating a bit :) Here are the links to upvote:

[links removed by ☒, see comment]

Thank you in advance!

Congrats! You received a vote on Product Hunt.

I jump on every bandwagon. I follow with the best of them. +1 vote.


I just wish email OTP can be integrated with password managers. I hate to use it with sites currently, because it adds more steps and time to log into something, compare to pressing my password manager and it fills out my credentials and OTP automatically. 😉

Thanks! I know what you mean - at the same time, I think you’ll do it anyway if the product you’re signing into is interesting enough. After all WIP uses email based auth (plus some annoying telegram linking step)

I suppose email auth is a trade off between security and convenience. At least in the case of this product, an attacker that compromises a website using simple otp (or even simple otp itself) wouldn’t get any passwords. Just make sure your email password is secure heh

Hey Ben, congrats on the launch!

Having said that, we don't allow asking for upvotes on WIP.

While technically one post wouldn't be a problem, I have to be firm or we'll quickly find ourselves with many such posts which don't contribute any value to the community.

In addition, disallowing these posts ensures we detract anyone who'd join just to promote their own stuff. (I don't think you fall into this group FYI)

Rather than deleting the post, I decided to remove the links so we can keep this discussion visible for all.

Ok, fair enough - I understand and thank you for the flexibility.