Community Guidelines

  • Be considerate. WIP is a community of people with a diverse set of backgrounds. While some groups might be more prevalent than others, any maker with a passion for shipping projects should feel welcome to participate in our group.
  • Be respectful. You don't have to agree with everyone, but you're expected to treat each other with respect. Arguments about ideas are welcome, arguing about people not.
  • Be nice.

Some stuff that's not okay:

  • Sexually suggestive content and remarks
  • Racism
  • Sexual objectification
  • Spam or sleazy growth hacks
  • Stalking, or other creepy behavior
  • Asking for upvotes, retweets, etc
  • Excessive self-promotion
  • Copy/pasting messages across multiple groups

Groups and Private Chats

  • WIP has multiple chat groups for public discussions. Use the group that is the best fit for the topic on hand.
  • No long monologues or high volume of messages in a short time period.
  • Fast 1-on-1 conversations can be disruptive to public chats. Move to private DM when possible.
  • Don't message members to flirt or for anything else than WIP-related topics.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Speak up if you see someone violating this code, but please do it in a civil way. Assume no ill will. A private message might be more effective than publicly calling the person out.
  • If something or someone makes you uncomfortable please send message Marc or report bad behavior (anonymously, if you prefer)
  • Members violating the code may be banned with or without warning. No refunds.

Programming Questions

We welcome both beginners and experienced programmers to discuss their programming challenges. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting a programming-related question:

  • Don't be lazy. Before posting your question please at least Google your question and check StackOverflow. Most questions have already been answered elsewhere.
  • Be specific describing what you're trying to achieve. Other members won't have the context you have. Sometimes there's a better way to approach the problem, but we can only suggest these if we understand the context of the question.
  • Explain what you already tried and why that didn't work.
  • Include relevant source code ( copy/paste to if it's more than a few lines )
  • Include relevant error messages and stacktraces ( copy/paste to if it's more than a few lines )
  • When debugging a problem, share what happens and what you expect to happen (values of relevant variables, which methods do or do not get called, etc)