Can we get PR Streak next to name if person loses streak?

I'd love to see the streak personal record (PR) next to the name or on a user's profile. Maybe with a 🏆 emoji? It makes it more OK to lose a streak, but show off that you did ship for so many days and did a record.

That would be great. Also I think it can help with the staying motivated to get back with daily shipping after loosing your streak.
Now I'm trying to get back at it 6/54 (personal record so far)

I definitely want to keep track of personal records, but haven't found the time yet to implement it. I'm not sure yet what the best approach would be using Active Record.

As for showing it alongside the name throughout the site, I wonder if it would be too confusing to newcomers? The current streak count is already a bit opaque but is intriguing enough for people to ask about. Adding another number might get confusing and unnecessarily complicate things.

To me it seems something more fitted for the profile page? And in the future we might have popover menu's for makers so when you :hover you might see the personal record too.

How about Live streak which shows a column just like now and a new tab All Time where it shows streak records?

Yes or just add it to the profile page. But I'd love to keep it as an award and show it to people.

Maker profiles now show "ghost streaks" which is the maker's personal record. The name "ghost streak" refers to the fact that the streak is now dead, and the "ghost cars" you sometimes see in racing games where you can compete to your former self.

If you don't see a ghost streak that means the current streak is the highest.

I've chosen to only show this ghost streak on the maker's profile rather than across the whole website (e.g. here in the Q&A) as I feel it's not as important as the current streak. Plus I don't want to clog up the UI too much.

I might add a pop-over cards later so you can quickly get more information on any maker by hovering. The ghost streak could be included there. I will probably also add a separate leaderboard later too.