Backing up WIP activity for archiving

Hello there! Does anyone know if it is possible to export one's activity on WIP for backup and archiving? I would like to get an archive of my todos, images, and, if possible, the comments I have received and my projects.

Weeks ago, I crafted this GraphQL request, which you can paste in

  user(username: "[Username]") {
    todos(orderBy: { createdAt: desc }, limit: 1024) {
      attachments { url },
      project { hashtag, name },

But there are two issues:

  1. Although it did work before, now it doesn't seem to work with protected accounts like mine.
  2. Comments are missing, and attachments need to be scraped separately.

Has anybody developed something better?
Or perhaps, does @marc have a plan for this?

I have an export feature built, but it's only accessible from the command line by me. I'll see if I can make it a website feature.

I just send you your export @JaimeObregon – there's a text file included with a list of all the attachments so you can use something like wget to download them.

If there's anything missing, please let me know. I think we don't include comments right now as it would require including other people's content too for them to make sense. But not sure that's something I'd want to include in an export like this.